Tuesday, 24 April 2007

More than One Trick up this Band's Sleeve

There are a ton of young bands around today, struggling to be heard or be taken seriously, all because they're not over 18. All that's about to change though, with the sudden rise of Cajun Dance Party, proving to everyone that even if you can't legally buy alcohol, you can make some bloody good songs. And suddenly there's a new hope of being discovered, more so than ever. Young bands are getting the credit they deserve, and that's what this site is for; to spread the word about these up and coming young bands, and let you get to know them. So, without further ado, I present to you my first band, "One Trick Band" (above), who hail from the City of London. They consist of Lewis (vocals), Theo (guitar), Will (drums) and James (bass and backing vocals). They have a clean sound, full of catchy riffs, and thoughtful lyrics. They have a lot of potential and have already featured on MTV2 (though not due to their own work) dancing like maniacs at the front of the crowd in the recent CDP video. Their main influences include Bob Dylan, the Strokes and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, although, as they said, "our main push for the band is the high expectation for music around the London area, due to so many bands being amazing; you just wanna try and be better!... We feel we owe them." They of course refer to other young bands on the rise, such as the aforementioned Cajun Dance Party, The Svengalis, Bombay Bicycle Club and The More Assured, to name a few. Around a year ago the band was formed by the firm friends who started out playing at summer fairs and Christmas concerts, and then, just 4 months ago, they joined MySpace. Considering this, their amount of plays is incredible: 17314 and if I were to refresh the page, I'm sure the number would rise again. I was, admittedly, cautious about using the title I did for this post- do they mind puns about their band name? "Puns aren't that bad, as long as their not against us, i.e. One Trick Band have no tricks, or No Trick Band" They laugh. "...Which I'm sure we'll still have to come". This joking at their own expense proves that the band is already ahead of their years; you can tell criticism won't get them down, only push them to try even harder, and that's why One Trick Band has got the potential to go far. Their dream of one day playing the Reading Festival might not be such an impossible one if they keep at it. I ask them what they'd like to be doing in two years time, which makes them have to think for a bit. "Playing some much more high profile gigs." They laugh again as they add, "With a healthy looking line outside." It's a very achievable aspiration. They would hate to be likened to The Tiny Masters of Today, although they don't sound at all like them. They find them "Very depressing" and with another laugh add, "And cute as a baby's buttocks." I ask them my favourite question of the lot: "If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be, and why?" Without hesitation they say, "We'd be a kiwi... they taste very nice on the inside and they're hairy on the outside." Nice. The time is coming to an end, and so I ask if they have any tips for other young bands that are just starting out on sites like MySpace. "Well... As we only started [MySpace] 3 months ago... Just get some sexy song up on the MySpace and write a song every week". Jokey advice, but to the point; if you want to get somewhere, you just have to get going. Their final words to their fans are thoughtful and amusing: "Life's like Kryptonite; it's not what it is in the movies!" Wise words, wise words. As of yet, I feel that the band are still searching for just the right sound for themselves, but the great potential is definitely there. Do check them out and listen to the gradual improvements over time; it'll be worth it.
Many thanks to One Trick Band for taking the time to answer our questions. Next post (which will hopefully be quite soon) we'll be getting up our amazingly in-depth Adam and the Gants interview, and you can find out why nothing is impossible for the incredibly serious young band. Thanks for reading, comment with what you think. You can find One Trick Band at www.myspace.com/onetrickband Listen to the fans' current favourite, "Red Light" and the band's current personal favourite, "Dust Has Settled". New material is already on its way, so do keep track of them.


Anonymous said...

ok, much better than i expected!lovin the tunes one trick band!

vicky! said...

tara that is awesome.
i love it.
you are going to be an amazing journalist someday.

vinayak said...
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Vinu58 said...

Hey Tara That Was *ucking Brilliant..
I Really Think That You Are A Prodigy..
And Your Def. On Your Way To Become A Great Jounalist!

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hey ("tara" is it?)
nice report, amusing, interesting, really actually rather impressive.
hmmm, u sound like a rad being.
oh please tara, can i be your friend? :)

*you don't know me* ;)

but seriously, great bloggage, looking forward to adam and the gants. oh and congrats you made it into my favourites bar, and knocked out Firebox.com! now theres an achievement. you sit among the ranks of mugglenet, asp surf world tour, youtube, and iow festival.

oh and if you dont know who i am by now. you suck!

zmira_princess said...

yo teej this is awsome ur gonna be a better journalist that the great man Clarkson (and knowing how i like top gear this is a huge compliment)
keep up the great questions!!

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Tara you really are a bit of a ledgend and to be honest i don't have a lot of criticism for you i hope you make it as a journalist you will be awesome!
Great stuff
D.T.W. 4 life