Saturday, 26 May 2007

Siniez- Power, Passion and Pomegranates

A few weeks ago, I picked up the phone and dialled the number I knew would lead to the band practice of Isle of Wight group, Siniez. What followed was what I’m sure the band will agree was a momentous interview.

Siniez is a band of three(from left to right), Harry (Drums), James (Bass) and Joe (Lead vocals and guitar). A vague history of the band starts around 2 years ago with Joe playing an awful gig in a band called “Black Dawn”-- I’m afraid they didn’t get anywhere, though I’m sure the members who left are now cursing this decision. Since then there has been a band that played Muse covers (“Ascension”), and then, after a name change or two, there was “Siniez”. They play in a rock/ska sort of style, and it’s good. Very good.

I’m not typing up the entire interview as it’s not that long, so after a certain point, I’ll just paraphrase and quote.  James was the one to pick up the phone, as it was to his house that I had directed this phone call.

[Piano music is playing in the background, as I call in the midst of a band rehearsal. I decided to write down everything of the opening conversation, to capture just how crazy the band is]
James: Hello?
Tara: Hello- is James there please?
James: Huh?
Tara: Is that James?
James: Yeah…
Tara: Hey! It’s Tara.
James: Oh. How did you get my number? [It’s always nice to feel loved…]
Tara: Joe gave it to me.
James: Oh. [Cue awkward silence, bar the piano in the background]
Tara: So is the rest of the band there?
James: Yeah…
Tara: Right then. I’m calling to interview—
Joe: Is that Tara?
James: Yeah.
Harry: Who’s Tara?
Joe: [taking the phone] Hey Tara.
Tara: Hey Joe. Is there a speakerphone or something?
Joe: Do you have a speakerphone?
James: No.
Joe: Really?!
James: Yeah-don’t think so...
Harry: Who's Tara? [Someone presses something]
James: We have speakerphone!

The interview had started.

 “It was in the winters of 2006”, says Joe, “that we formed. I met Harry and well… It was destiny”. Joe and James were already close friends at school, and Harry was the catalyst to make this band truly great. Their name, I am told, came to Harry in a dream. “From an angel”, adds Harry, causing them all to burst out laughing; these guys are absolutely insane, and you’ve gotta love ‘em for it.

They have a wide range of musical influences, yelling names at me down the phone. It went from Muse, to Nelly Furtado, to Amy Winehouse, to Joe Dolce. Their ideal music festival would consist of them being the headliners (obviously), with Coldplay, Nirvana (I tell them they can have anyone, dead or alive and so they let their imaginations run wild), James Brown (“absolute legend” says Joe), Bob Marley, System of a Down, Prodigy, Linkin Park and Pendulum. And, of course, Muse.

Speaking of muses, I ask who theirs is when writing. Joe being the main writer, comes up with an almost scary answer that I really don’t think makes sense. At all. Try and follow if you can: “Well, I get inspiration from lots of things… A psychedelic force… a power. Power to the max!” Scarier still, is the fact that these guys don’t take drugs and were completely sober at the time of this interview.

I ask Harry, as the member not at the same school as the other two if this causes any difficulties for him. “Well yeah,” he begins, jokingly, “’Cause by the time I get to band practise they’ve come up with about 10 new songs!” They all laugh, and it resolves that Harry doesn't find it particularly problematic.

“Recording some tracks must have been fun”, I say. According to them, however, their new tracks which have yet to be recorded are even better. “Recording stuff is a good experience though”, adds James.

Siniez were recently in the local battle of the bands competition, and managed to get through to the final; an impressive feat as they were the youngest band there. “That was good”, Joe says, reminiscently, “We really weren’t expecting to get through”.

In two years time, I wonder, where will Siniez be? “On the Moon”, answers Joe, swiftly. “With a cow” adds Harry, gleefully. “And a badger”, puts in James, laughing.

And now, the question we’ve all grown to love, over the last… Well, two posts. “If you were a fruit, what would you be, and why?” This stumps them for a bit, and they discuss, until Harry suddenly yells, “The seed of a pomegranate!” Everyone cracks up. I ask Harry why he chose this particular piece of fruit. “’Cause it’s round", he states. “And”, adds Joe, “They have the 3 P’s, which no band should be without! Passion and power and er…” No-one knows what else to say. “Pomegranate?” I ask. “Yeah!” they all exclaim in unison, setting them off laughing once more.

Alas, the interview is coming towards an end. I ask them for advice, firstly to other young bands starting out, and then to everyone, about well… Life. Joe starts off with his advice to other bands, but, due to personal request, I’m not allowed to write his first answer, which he insists was “a joke”.

Instead, I’ll quote James and say, “Keep it going”. For the last words of advice, they have a lot to say, and it’s another, “let’s shout anything possible down the phone at Tara!” moment. I can’t remember who said what, so you can assign each quote to separate people or whatever; go nuts. “Believe in the Buddha!” (Harry is, apparently, a Buddhist), “Aliens are real!”, “Be as optimistic as you can!”, “Remember the 3 P’s!” , “Power to the max!”.

The interview was over. One week later, I hear some exciting news- Siniez are playing main stage on the Sunday at the Isle of Wight Festival. The same night as the Rolling Stones. The first act on after their idols, Muse. Absolutely fantastic. Joe thinks it will be “amazing”, and well… It will be. At the young ages of 14, 15 and 16, this band has a highly promising future. The festival is only the beginning; I look forward to seeing their gig on the Moon with the badger and the cow.

Thanks to Siniez for the time, will be reviewing them and the other acts at the festival in two weeks time!

Find Siniez at: Tracks up soon.


Vicky said...

this was immense
i loved it.

Anonymous said...

Joe and James gto my school, and this looks like the beggining of a rollercoaster for Siniez. i hope their wildest dreams come true and they have thetime of their lives, cos they deserve every last piece of it. they are constantly rehearsing or playing free little gigs just to get experience. i can see Siniez in the future going far, good luck at the festival, i hope its immense.

The guy who killed a thousand people. said...

This was the best one yet..
Nicely done..
This one was a really big leap from the adam and the gants interview and it sounded really professional and mature.
Swell job.
Good luck with the rest o them.

Aidan Gant said...

Bunch of knobs!

fryer said...

oh my god, did u speak to james gear of siniez? u rule.

Paddy Aged 6 said...

I Wish I could Read...

Charlotte/C-Dawg said...

Awesome interview Tara, very comical!