Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Lo-Fi Culture Scene

To make songs better than those which are in the charts at the moment and to be relatively unknown is becoming a more and more common phenomena. For the band making these songs to have an average age of 13 is slightly more unusual. Lo-Fi Culture Scene’s new songs, ‘Abstract’ and ‘Fast Forward’ prove the band to be something special; something a cut above the crazy amount bands that are around at the moment. Think Bloc Party with touches of The Strokes and add to this the band’s own unique flavours of youth and you have it. Abstract is indie-pop perfection, chockfull of beautiful riffs and hooks, with a chorus that manages to be catchy but never too catchy (a song with too catchy a chorus can, in my opinion, lose its appeal very, very quickly). Upbeat breezy guitars, a fantastic bassline and tight drums are topped off with poignant lyrics delivered by an assured voice. Meanwhile, the more serious Fast Forward is a seductive, smooth, sleek number with fierce, unimpressed sounding vocals. Lo-Fi Culture Scene have come a long way in a short time – definitely a band to watch. They’re not great for their age; they’re great regardless of it. For their age they’re beyond words.

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Gingerbyrd said...

Great post. I was doing a MySpace band hunt searching around for some new tunes, and I stumbled across their page. I fell in love immediately with their songs and have been bouncing to them all week. Today, though, I gave their page a read through and was so surprised to find out that they were 13/14 years old. They most certainly are a band to watch.