Saturday, 1 December 2007

You'll love them quicker than you can say 'Strangeways, Here We Come'

Ever wondered what a modern-day Smiths would sound like? If they drew their influences from not only The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Bowie but from current groups, such as Bloc Party, The Maccabees and Biffy Clyro? I imagine you would find yourselves with a band much like London/Brighton quartet, Flashguns. Their soulful vocalist proves that the ‘LDN’ accent isn’t a prerequisite for good music as he croons clever, sometimes angst-ridden lyrics with his smooth yet angry tones. Chiming, energetic riffs are complemented by coarse drums and atmospheric lines on both bass and keys. The introductions tend to be quite minimalist and tense, building up in a catchy, often quite more-ish way.
Their song, ‘Locarno’, which is currently available for free (yes, free) download on their MySpace is an instant ‘stick-in-the-head-whilst-bopping-around-like-a-crazy-fool’ number. Not, of course, that I did that when I first heard it, ‘cos that would just be weird. I have to maintain some dignity…
It’s not even their best song, all the ones on their page are really, really good.
Anyway, yes. I’m not sure why I’m still rambling, the point of this blog was to say that you should go and listen for yourselves. They’re fantastic, and lovely, and did I say fantastic? And with each of them at 17 years of age, they've got a ton of potential.
Check ‘em out and download ‘Locarno’; it’s all good. And now, because I feel listening to them again might be overdoing it a tad (it’s taken a long time to write this, and I’ve had them on a loop throughout, and slightly before), I’m left with an urge to listen to ‘Hand In Glove’. Good stuff.

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