Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Mystery of Love

Ahhh, young love. My friends tell me countless times that it'll never last, that I'm being silly. My parents have had enough of this nonsense - they say it has to end. I'm too young to know how I really feel, or so I'm told. But I'm besotted, infatuated even. And who, you may wonder, is the object of my affections?
These guys:
Yes, Mystery Jets are back, and it's about bloody time too. Since the release of masterful debut album 'Making Dens' back in 2006, we have all been waiting with baited breath for the next installment in the Eel-Pie islanders' beautiful musical saga. And anyone who heard the shimmering loveliness of 'Flakes', back in December will have realised that the new album, "Twenty-One" is really something to be excited about.
And so, here is the first single from that album, 'Young Love'. Jets' fans may at first be surprised; it's not in the same vein as a lot of the prog rock-esque songs of 'Making Dens'. That the song seems to nick a musical hook from "Music & Lyrics" might not encourage them either. But fret not, for they offer a bassline with some proper groove in this funky fusion of kitsch and pop. And this truly is pop at it's finest, not afraid to be cheesy, instead embracing it full throttle. And it really really does work. Add to that a chorus the Beatles would've been jealous of and the breathy, beautiful vocals of severely underrated rising star Laura Marling, and you have a massive hit. In fact, you have magic, from one of the most promising bands in the country. "Place your bets on the Mystery Jets" their MySpace headline implores. And having heard the ridiculously bright and catchy, fantastically written 'Young Love', I have no hesitation in doing so. I really do love them.
Here's the amusingly superb video, which is suitably colourful, and sees Blaine's hair looking amazing, as ever:
That dreaded "second album syndrome"? Mystery Jets will be laughing.
'Young Love' is out on March 10th.

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Kieren Thomson said...

If I only knew your name I'd go from door to door, searching round the crowded streets for the place I once saw...