Sunday, 30 March 2008

Guilty Post

I start on a random note, just to make this photo seem less obscure - aren't Vampire Weekend amazing?
The photo is actually there for the sake of having a photo this post. But their album is really great; it's fantastic to hear something different.
So there's been no blogging for a while; bad times. I know what you're thinking - "most blogs update daily and you're struggling at monthly". I think this is a fair point. However, most people who have blogs are not attempting mass revision for upcoming exams at the same time as said blogging. I think we should give me a break. Lots of exciting albums about, although I must confess to not having bought one of them yet. Supergrass, Mystery Jets, The Young Knives and Guillemots are all back with new music, while some promising debuts come from the likes of Foals, Laura Marling, The Whip, The Teenagers, Does It Offend You Yeah? and my, oh my I could go on. But, mainly due to lack of will and effort, I will not. One of the most exciting things coming up (well, actually it's not one of the most exciting things, but it sounds good if I write that) is the imminent release of The Last Shadow Puppets' single and album. Not Alex Turner's first collaborative effort (for those of you who haven't already seen it, "The Pun Lovin' Criminals'" cover of 'Reptilia' at Lightspeed Champion's album launch is below - thoughts?), their first single is titled 'The Age Of Understatement'. It's an epic yet urgent number, reminiscent of the fast-paced Western-style of 'Knights of Cydonia'. Well done to Miles and Alex, looking forward to hearing more from them respectively and together. Also on the horizon is the new Kooks album (entitled 'Konk', after the recording studio I'm told - how bizarre), not to mention Cajun Dance Party's debut album 'The Colourful Life'. They're releasing two albums this year, and from what I've seen, I think this first one will have new versions of the old material and then album number two will be full of new stuff giving them the opportunity to show how, within a relatively short space of time, their song-writing has matured. It was just over a year ago that I first heard of them, and they hadn't even released their first single yet; crazy how time flies. And finally in this odd news bulletin (I didn't really have anything in particular to write, I just wanted to get in a March post so I can claim to write monthly), Bombay Bicycle Club have been recording their new single this weekend, which can only lead to some fun speculation about what it is. 'What If'? 'Magnet'? My guess is 'Evening/Morning' (wild of me; I know). I leave you on a controversial note: Duffy is overrated.

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Tom said...

its Evening/Morning you know it, also i think the b-side is A Different Kind Of Fix. good blog.