Saturday, 31 May 2008

Utterly Abstract

Probably my most blogged about band (though, admittedly, that's not saying much), Lo-Fi Culture Scene have indeed come a long way since our phenomenal interview last year. Now the boys are on the cusp of releasing first single 'Abstract', and it's sounding great. Featuring on radio shows and the like, they're really going for it. Speaking of the new single in relation to the group's relatively short existence, lead singer Jacob said, "It feels great to release the single after just over a year of being together; it rounds up what has been an amazing experience, and yeah, it feels great that all the hard work we put in at the beginning, (getting promoters to put us on, getting our name out), has really paid off now, as because of that we've now been able to relax and enjoy the fun side! All the shows are starting to come to us, and so is the radio play and MTV play, and yeah...It's a great time to be in Lo-Fi Culture Scene!"
My initial thoughts on 'Abstract' and 'Fast Forward' can be found here.
Here's the video, directed by Jacob Perlmutter:
Remembering the Mystery Jets' views on feathers from their short video for 'Flakes' ("The feathers got everywhere, in our hair, down our throats....some of us had to evacuate from the fits of coughing that they were inducing") I asked if any discomfort was caused by them. "The feathers weren't much of a discomfort while we were filming it, although it was probably a bit of a discomfort for Tom who was literally drowning in them. But it was a discomfort after shooting it when the director said, ''Right - time to clear them up''. That was not cool."
We wish Lo-Fi lots of luck, although it's looking doubtful that they'll need it. You can listen to 'Abstract', and some other amazing songs on their MySpace:
'Abstract' is released on Kids on June 30th with B-Side 'Fast Forward', pre-order it HERE. Photo credit to Joe Grabiner.

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