Friday, 13 June 2008

The Big Three

And I'm not talking about the Cold War.
Okay, yeah I know; bad joke. But let's focus on the picture now, because yes, swooning fans, that is him. Julian Casablancas (of the Strokes, obviously) is back with a new song.
However, this new song is a collaboration with hotly-tipped singer Santogold, and Pharrell of N.E.R.D (the latter of whom, incidentally, are playing the Isle of Wight Festival tonight; yet another reason I'm sad that I'm not there).
Anyway, so far it sounds good, right? Three musicians the world loves. Their styles are different, sure, but they're good enough to make it work. Then you hear that this collaboration is in honour of Converse's 100th anniversary; cries of "commercialism!" and "selling out!" fill your ears. But, nonetheless, it is something new from Julian, and just hearing his voice is like meeting an old friend; it's familiar, yet somehow different.
So the song's not insanely impressive first time around - the riff is initially catchy but soon becomes almost irksomely repetitive. Production seems a bit poor if I'm being honest; it feels like it was flung together at the last minute. But it's not bad, I suppose. After more than one play, it becomes slightly more likeable. Actually, third time it's almost...Good? And at least it reassures us that Jules is still around. I think it is worth remembering that this is not a normal song, but a song for a shoe advert.
The song is called 'My Drive Thru' and can be downloaded for free at
There will be a music video, behind the scenes footage and more, apparently. So keep a look out if you're interested. Future collaborations in this vain for the Converse celebration will include members of MGMT, YACHT, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Care Bears on Fire.
I reckon it's a grower of a song because I started out vaguely disappointed and now actually rather like it. Nice, summery, catchy, unusual. Worrying? It also puts into my mind "deep" questions about selling-out, commercialism and which artists could potentially make good collaborations under the title of the campaign; "Three Artists. One Song".

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Tom said...

That's a fair review, its good to see Julian back, but this track, at first listen, is poor. But like you said, it starts of repetitive and just seems like it was lazily put together. But with each listen, the annoying bleeps and samples that seemed to be thrown in become intelligently placed fillers. With each listen this song blossoms.