Monday, 28 July 2008

'Carmensita' - a Sight to Behold

Devendra Banhart's new video certainly is getting the masses talking - racism, religion and facial hair are all subjects touched upon in debates about the Bollywood themed video for 'Carmensita'. The first video to be released from epic album, 'Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon', it involves acting from Devendra's current girlfriend, Natalie Portman. This has led to irritating speculation from some of the actress' fans as to why she is dating this "freak" and why she has appeared in this "weird" video. Idiots. It seems to be a parody of old Indian films, or indeed tacky Indian soap operas that try to recreate important religious stories - that aspect of it is quite funny. And the general silliness is very funny, although you have to watch it a few times to read all of the dialogue. The main problem this video will face is it's representation of the Hindu Gods, which while obviously is not to be taken seriously, could be seen as borderline offensive. I think it's quite amusing though - it's meant to be a music video after all, not a religious archive. Plus it's obviously meant to be a friendly joke - I can't imagine this being intentionally offensive. The music is good (of course), in that lovely psychedelic folk-y way, though it's not my favourite track from the album. It starts off as mellow and suddenly breaks into this kooky, jumpy, almost aggressive song. Lyrically, I have no idea what's going on as my Spanish is poor, although apparently it makes little sense in Spanish anyway. Good stuff, Dev; good stuff. It's colourful, silly and lots of fun. Watch Devendra save his princess with his snake-shooting eyes and rebellious beard:
My only real qualm is that Devendra really needs to pull his trousers up. And with that, I have reincarnated into an octopus.
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