Friday, 11 July 2008


Bombay Bicycle Club's much anticipated single, 'Evening/Morning' arrives August 4th on Young and Lost Club, and it's quirky video (below) precedes it's release. The band's first video, it is one of the most bizarre things I've seen in quite some time, and it somehow leaves you in a good mood. Perhaps something to do with the panda costume vocalist/guitarist Jack Steadman is sporting. Or how guitarist Jamie Maccoll, bassist Ed Nash, and drummer Suren De Saram struggle to keep straight faces throughout. Maybe there is some deep symbolic link between the video and the song - pandas are black and white, like evening and morning. When the panda is helped by the little girl, perhaps he feels indebted to her, utilizing the lovely chorus lyric - "I am ready to owe you anything". GCSE English has given me the all important skill of analyzing everything and giving things a deeper meaning, when there probably never was one. However, even that can't help me solve the spectacular star-jump finale. Evening/Morning By far the band's most rock-y song, it has a fast-paced, gritty bassline, vaguely reminiscent of Kings of Leon, fantastic guitar riffs and tense drumming, topped off with the aforementioned lovely lyrics, sung in that trademark tremulous style. Then there is B-side, 'You Already Know', a beautiful acoustic song, with seemingly simple yet surprisingly vivid lyricism - "the moment we forgot we were just good friends, I moved my arm her face went red again." So yes, all in all, it's great stuff, and you should pre-order it. Photo credit: Harry Mitchell... I think.

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Tom said...

very good review, well done. Your dissection of the Panda costume was very good, especially when rounded off by the witty GCSE comment :D.