Sunday, 6 July 2008

Mystery Jets - Bleeding Love

Somewhat belatedly, I draw your attention to the Jets' Live Lounge performance from a while back. They played an acoustic version of their popular single, 'Two Doors Down', accompanied by a string quartet. However, they also did a heart-breakingly beautiful rendition of X-Factor star Leona Lewis' worldwide smash hit, 'Bleeding Love'.
Opening with delicate pizzicatos on the strings it sounds like something the Arcade Fire might do. Then singer Blaine Harrison's vocals enter and immediately send a shiver down your spine. The performance is so understated, so unpretentious that it quickly becomes very special and sincere. His voice is unfaltering as he works his way through the first chorus, after which more instruments join in, making it slightly more upbeat yet still retaining the initial intimacy. They've stripped away the massive pop song and made it something more real. Though that makes it sound like I didn't like Leona's version - I did.
So, for the first time on this blog, here is the MP3 (!!!) for those of you who didn't hear it, or for those of you who want to keep on hearing it.
Also, while talking about Mystery Jets, a while back in celebration of fantastic music blog Keep Hope Inside's 2nd birthday, I was invited to write a review as part of a guest blog feature - I wrote about 'Making Dens', the Mystery Jets' first album, and you can find that, among the other guest blogs here. I thoroughly recommend reading KHI actually - it's weird I haven't plugged it before...It's the blog that inspired me to get started with my own and one of the few blogs I regularly read.
Right, the cheesy bit is over; have a nice day.
Photo credit to Jonny Walton, thanks to Mixtape Maestro for the MP3

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