Friday, 1 August 2008

More Than a Woman

So basically in my recent attempt to re-embrace the urban rootz in music (a.k.a. watching MTV Base) I re-discovered Aaliyah. I'd forgotton just how good she was. Aaliyah did some great stuff in her sadly short time (the singer was tragically killed in a plane crash in 2001, at the mere age of 22) - 'Rock the Boat' and 'Try Again' are among my favourites, although 'More Than A Woman' just tops it all. That eerie synth riff being looped in the background is fantastic, her vocals - simple and monotonous, but in a good way - are almost ethereal; the entire song is catchy yet haunting. Kind of like the 'Umbrella' of it's day. Here's the video:
And the DJ in the video? Why, it's our good friend Mark Raaahnson. As an apology to those who found this post pointless, here is something to make it more relevant to today - The Gossip covered Aaliyah song, 'Are U That Somebody?' a while ago as a tribute to her - here's the MP3. May she rest in peace.

Buy Aaliyah's Ultimate collection, HERE.

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