Monday, 22 September 2008

Five Days

It seems all of blogdom is a bit dead right now and this blog really should be too as I have epic amounts of work. I just thought I'd procrastinate/give you the new Cajun demo, "Five Days". Cajun Dance Party - Five Days (demo) (right click - save target as) It's got an upbeat, Smiths-y twang, twinkling keyboards and is a pretty fun track. The music is catchy, as is the chorus (as in, singing along by second listen catchy) and Blumberg's vocals are sounding confident and raw. Overall, it's seeming reminiscent of the exciting promise of 'The Next Untouchable'. Here's hoping for an album number 2 that lives up to the hype; maybe for once I won't ruin it in advance with copious demos and leaks... On a completely separate note, here's 'No Johanna' performed live by Cajan Dance Party (youtube typos are gold).
Photo credit: Jon Bergman

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