Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Fous ta cagoule

French is done, English Lit is done - I'm half way through the exams now. A celebration is in order, ideally one in French, and who better to provide it than Fatal Bazooka? Amazing; Fatal Bazooka> Gwen Stefani in 'Hollaback Girl'.  Obviously it means 'Talk to the hand'.  Other awesome Fatal songs include 'Fous Ta Cagoule' (put on your hood/balaclava) and 'Mauvaise Foi Nocturne (la rĂ©ponse)'.   
In other news the new Bombay Bicycle Club single, 'Dust on the Ground' is fantastic, no idea what's going on in the video though - check it HERE.  I might write a separate review sometime, but it's unlikely as their album is due in under two months so I will let loose at that instead.  Woooop.

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