Tuesday, 5 May 2009

True Romance

I'm very behind but nonetheless Golden Silvers = love.  I think I wrote about their debut single 'Arrows of Eros' about a year ago, and now their debut album, 'True Romance' is just as amazing.
It makes me happy, which is rare in these exam-ridden times.  You'll like this if you liked the 'Two Doors Down' direction of Mystery Jets, have a weird fixation with the '80s or you just like to dance to amazing funkalicious tunes:
Buy their album, out now on XL HERE
Expect random out-of-touch posts like this in the coming weeks; sorry, but I want to do reasonably well in my exams.
Other fairly recent albums I'm loving, with links so you can listen to them money-free and guilt-free on We7: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'It's Blitz', Bat For Lashes - 'Two Suns'. Oh, and The Horrors' 'Primary Colours' is pretty good - like fantastic compared to their older stuff, but at the same time not particularly original/innovative sounding.  Or is that just me?
Bon; excusez-moi car j'ai une besoin de préparér pour mon épreuve de Français - pouvez-vous dire "uh-oh"?

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