Sunday, 21 June 2009

When Black Lips hit IOW

So basically I was going to write about last weekend's Isle of Wight Festival. Then I thought it'd get pretty longwinded and I never seem to read full festival reviews; I only look at the bits on bands I want to read about. So I figured I'd write about one of my favourite performances of the weekend, and talk about a band I hadn't mentioned before; the amazing Black Lips.
Thankfully, it would seem that Hanan of Music Induced Euphoria decided to name Black Lips her band of the week, and she pretty much wrote what I would've written, so I'll be really lazy and just point you in the right direction - HERE
To reiterate the points made in that post; you need to listen to them and see them live; they are amazing and just so much fun. Highlights of their IOW performance: getting front row, bassist and singer Jared Swilley's amazingly short shorts (above), him stealing a sparkly cowboy hat from someone in the audience, general on-stage antics, guitarist and singer Cole Alexander getting intimate with a camera stand. Not to mention spraying beer/saliva from his mouth and then catching it once more in his mouth. Plus they called the island "pretty". And played lots of good songs really well. In fact, their entire performance was pretty much a highlight. Go listen NOW.
Photo credit: Simon Wells


Hanan said...

I love Jared's short shorts. he is so incredibly sexy and rock n roll it's not even fair.

Tara said...

Ha, people started singing "Who wears short shorts?" was awesome.

Hanan said...

haha that DOES sound awesome.

Hannah+Alice said...

love love black lips!
youve got a realllllllly good music list, some lovely posts, and rare(but momentous!) mp3s!
if you like a bit of an interesting musicy-fashion-y update thing, check out our 'Who's That Girl There?' blog.

Tara said...

Thanks very much! Yeah haha I'm trying to get better at this whole regular mp3 thing; slowly but surely.

I'm feeling your music list also, good to see some people with awesome taste! In regards to Hockey - YES I'm going, and am so excited.

Presumably you're also going to the Southampton Lo-Fi (helll yes to the Lo-Fi love)/Kabeedies gig? And possibly the Virgins at Wedgewood Rooms? I'm hoping to go to them all but what with monetary issues I might not make it - I'm actually based on the IOW for one more year (I know, I know) and so ferries cost a bomb.

And out of interest did you see Lo-Fi at the Cellars a while back? If so we probably saw each other; how bizarre!