Sunday, 11 October 2009

Amazing Acoustics: Devendra Banhart

Talking about acoustics meant inevitably I would end up writing about Mr. Banhart, whose new album is out soon which I am ridiculously excited for. Having had a listen to some of the new tracks I think they're sounding more bluesy than normal, and there's an even greater look at the warm Tropicalia sound hinted at in last album, 'Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon'. Oh, and he's now signed to Warner Brothers as opposed to XL but I don't think this means we should be expecting some mainstream-battling-it-out-with-Taylor-Swift-for-number-one kind of songs. If only.
This is an acoustic he did ages and ages ago, but I love it because he completely changes the vibe at Jools Holland:
He's just so GOOD. When he sings it sounds so intimate and warm, all those delicate tremulous parts beautifully endearing. Suddenly you're not in some studio filming for the BBC, you're in a forest somewhere sat cross-legged gathered around a fireplace underneath the starry sky. Or, y'know, whatever it makes you feel like. So remember October 27th to get his new album 'What Will We Be', and to tide you over you can listen to a couple of the new tracks here.
Get an MP3 of the lovely, lovely cover he did of Oasis' 'Don't Look Back in Anger' here.
Bonus MP3, with thanks to indie shuffle: Phoenix - 'Rome (Neighbors and Devendra Banhart Remix)' (right click, save as)
Pre-order 'What Will We Be' HERE. I just read that he's playing Shepherd's Bush Empire in London on December 15th...I have work experience that week, gutted.
Photo credit: Moses Berkson

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