Monday, 26 October 2009

Slow Down

It seems like an eternity ago that everyone was raving about North London's underage scene, which seemed to have come to a halt after Cajun Dance Party and Bombay Bicycle Club both grew-up, signed to big labels and became full-time bands. Meanwhile the bands who many deemed set to follow in their footsteps such as Pull In Emergency and Lo-Fi Culture Scene are both at fairly important stages in their schooling careers and, as such, are maintaining relatively low profiles. And thus step in Catalan Corruption, a band of 15 year olds holding up the fort for the underage indie scene, and doing a spectacular job of it.
Their debut single, 'Slow Down' is well-worth getting hold of; it's stupidly catchy, and is full of raw, energetic and infectious dance-riffs that bring to mind early Foals, or Jack Peñate's more recent music. Judging by this track at least, Catalan Corruption are a band definitely worth keeping an eye on.
'Slow Down' is released on November 23rd on underage indie label Pop! Goes the Weasel, and you can pre-order the limited edition CD here.

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