Saturday, 28 November 2009

Lawrence Arabia, not New Zealand

I love how everything I like/am aware of from New Zealand seems to link-up somehow. I loved Lord of the Rings, which I recently found out included a small acting role from Bret McKenzie, one half of everyone's favourite comedy-folk duo, Flight of the Conchords (and to make another link, one of the two gap year students I know from NZ saw them live back down under). The other half of the musical duo is Jemaine Clement, who was also in 'Eagle vs. Shark', a pretty funny understated-humour kind of film(think Napoleon Dynamite) which also hails from NZ. Some of the really good soundtrack for the film was produced by one James Milne, whose solo outfit is called LAWRENCE ARABIA.

...I wish I'd actually found out about him through that epic chain instead of just getting an email about him, and figuring out all those crazy links afterwards. Still, we can pretend.

Lawrence Arabia makes beautifully old-fashioned-style psychedelic folk music, kind of like The Beatles at their dreamiest, with Beach Boys-esque harmonies. The songs have a lazy, tropical feel; think a modern take on '60s group, Love.

His new album, 'Chant Darling' is out on January 4th on Bella Union, and you can pre-order it HERE.

Photo credits: Top: Amelia Handscomb, Bottom: Michael On

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Jason said...

Been digging this album -- considering posting it on Indie Shuffle. Let me know if you'd be down to contribute it, and we can chat!