Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Things I Liked in 2009: The Drums

Sorry it's been so long, and sorry for the lack of end of year/decade lists - although in fairness, I never do the whole end of year list thing as I find it exceedingly difficult to rank things.
That said, if you want to see my top 3 British albums of the decade, along with lots of other British bloggers' thoughts (not to mention a top 10 list Saam worked out from all of our choices) head over to Faded Glamour.
Over the next couple of days I'll just be posting up random tracks/videos/thoughts on all things I've liked musically from this decade, this year, and things that I'm looking forward to next year. It may sound overwhelmingly complex but it really won't be.
So I'll start off with what I thought was an incredible track from this year, solely because it's what I happen to be listening to at this very moment:
When a track can make me this inexplicably happy it is definitely one of my favourites of the year. It's contagiously catchy, bursting full of energy and ultimately it's just so, so much fun.
I implore you to go and buy some of their music, here.

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