Sunday, 31 January 2010

Pre-order New Late of the Pier

On February 8th the eccentric and incredible Late of the Pier are releasing a limited double A-side 12" single which you need to pre-order and cherish - frontman Sam Eastgate has said this might be one of the few things we hear from the band this year, although a new album maybe on the horizon for 2011. They'll presumably all be focussing on side-projects for a bit; Eastgate has announced he will be fulfilling his dream of working in a two-piece band with an as-yet unnamed drummer.
So, instead of dwelling on all of that, I highly recommend you immerse yourself in 'Blueberry' and 'Best In The Class'. 'Blueberry' - which was actually released as a low-key download late last year - is incredible, shimmering, weird, soft and loud. Beautiful harmonies are followed by squelchy, chaotic dissonance. There's acoustic ballad, powerful electro, hints of tripped-out glam, and just general deliciousness. It's a genuinely excellent song, and it fills me with excitement for things to come. 'Best In The Class' is an upbeat, funky little Mario-esque number which is a whole lot of fun, and reminds me of the amusement and abandonment of their live show.
They are just too, too good; I really have missed them.
Pre-order the double A-side slice of heaven here, and if you haven't already it is pretty much necessary that you buy their debut album, 'Fantasy Black Channel' here.

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