Sunday, 28 February 2010

Yuck and other really good musical acts

My lack of blogging has been atrocious as ever, and thus many apologies are required. I've had loads of coursework deadlines, was on a school trip (sans internet) for over 10 days, plus I turned 18 and celebrations were had, and I've had uni open days and the like - it's been disgustingly busy times.
But this isn't called "yuck" because of that; this is to inform you of the musical wonder that is the band, Yuck. Sporting two members of a band I was pretty much obsessed with, they span between both nostalgic and catchy as well as beautifully endearing and delicate. Well worth giving them a listen; their first record, 'Georgia', is a joint single out on Transparent, with 'Paul Blart and the Death of Art' by another great musician, Herzog; he's all the way from Ohio and makes exciting music that's familiar somehow yet not with heavy riffs and drawling, knowing vocals.
Go to the band's blog to download some of their tracks, and try to see them live; they're playing shows with all sorts of good acts like Dum Dum Girls (they make really good frantic, distorted garage rock which harks back to Blondie, or more recently Vivian Girls), Egyptian Hip Hop (they're really exciting and fun and kind of defy being labelled, but I'd say if you're a fan of Late of the Pier at their funkiest, you might just love these guys) and Times New Viking (dirty, in-your-face, raw and really loud, it's like the guitars are melting your ears. Beautiful).

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