Monday, 29 March 2010


First up, my neglect isn't as bad as it looks - those lovely folks at the DMCA took down my last post because it contained a two-year old demo version of a song that's not even a single; my mistake.
Anyway; less complaining, more music and it's a testament to how weird the video for 'Ambling Amp' was that the eccentric Yeasayer's latest video, for single 'O.N.E.', seems relatively normal.
The song is also amazingly summery, colourful, danceable and just so much fun; it has a lovely tropical/African feel which is mashed-up with some beautiful, catchy electro beats . I'm not really getting into their second album, 'Odd Blood' as a whole (after the first few listens, at least) but this single is incredible and you have to buy it [iTunes UK link].

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