Saturday, 22 May 2010


Now that the sun has at last decided to make an appearance in the at last blue skies, there's nothing quite like dancing in the dappled sunlight whilst listening to sugary indie pop with smooth-as-liquid melodies, nostalgic, twinkling pianos and upbeat, playful vocals. It's a good thing then, that Danish band Treefight For Sunlight's new single, 'Facing the Sun' typifies just that kind of music.

As the beautiful video seems to exemplify, this dazzling track is a lot of fun, and while perhaps not entirely reflective of their sound as a whole - their other released track 'The Universe is a Woman' [click to watch the video], is perhaps more majestic and serious - this new single at least is wonderfully light-hearted and summery, and both tracks do seem implicit of plenty of exciting promise.

If I was a lazy writer I would perhaps liken them to a slightly more eccentric Phoenix, or a fun-loving Grizzly Bear (if you can even imagine these things). I am a lazy writer, and do vaguely agree with my own sentiments - but judging from the two tracks I've heard - Treefight For Sunlight's music goes beyond these lazy comparisons, and thus they are well worth giving a listen to.

Buy digital single, 'Facing the Sun', out now on label Tambourhinoceros, HERE.

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