Friday, 18 June 2010


So my posting so far this year has been atrocious - as in, more atrocious than usual. A quick glance at my blog showed that I still have posts from January on the main-page - I mean we're half-way through June, that is pretty unacceptable. But A-levels are annoyingly time-consuming, so I guess there's not much I can do until the end of next week when I have finished exams and hopefully, if I don't become overwhelmed by summer laziness/post-exam celebrations, I can devote more time to this.
Until then, Bombay's new album which is acoustic (and which Jack told us a little bit about last year, read the interview here) is out in July and it's looking set to be absolutely stunning. I caught their live set last weekend on the Isle of Wight, and it's the first time I've seen them since their debut album came out - the atmosphere was incredible, and their performance was really, really wonderful. The energy, the music, the everything; so, so good. As ever, they refused to disappoint, and in terms of the tightness of their set it was probably the best I've ever seen them.
With the help of those wonderful people at Watch Listen Tell, they'll be posting-up live performances of all the tracks on the new album over the next few weeks, all played in various places of some relevance to the band - thus here is enchanting title track 'Flaws', played on the roof of Jack's house with sublime backing vocals from the lovely newcomer, (who, in my new vow to actually write on this blog I will no doubt write about soon) Lucy Rose.
Hauntingly beautiful, with those delicate harmonies between the voices, singing those endearingly insecure lyrics, topped-off with intricate melodies pouring out of the guitar like liquid gold; this album is going to be blissful. Pre-order here (and go for the deluxe version because it's basically the same price but it comes with a DVD of all these lovely live videos on), the album is officially released on July 12th on Island.

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