Monday, 21 June 2010

Porcelain Raft

These are beautifully crafted, dreamy pop songs which sound as though they're being played underwater; oddly slow, trance-like, lots of reverb, and this weird melancholy that is somehow optimistic. It fills me with happy anticipation for summers to come, but also a nostalgic longing for summers past. This music is delicate as glass, but the glass is already a little bit scratched (or perhaps an image of porcelain along the same lines would be more apt?). Possibly I'm just suffering from a mental breakdown in the midst of exams and as such talking a lot of bull. Either way, London-based solo artist, Mauro Remiddi, or Porcelain raft, makes really wonderful music.
I won't recommend single songs as they're all really worth listening to - as such, have a listen and then if you like, download songs or entire EPs (Collection of Porcelain EP, Curve EP and Gone Blind EP) here - you decide the price.

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