Friday, 6 August 2010

Thank You For Your Love

A new Antony & the Johnsons EP, 'Thank You For Your Love', is scheduled for release on August 30th in anticipation of their forthcoming October album, 'Swanlights' (both out on Rough Trade). In celebration (and promotion) Antony and co are offering a free download of the EP's title track HERE, and the main reason I'm posting it up is because I normally instantly like Hegarty et al's music (including Hercules and the Love Affair; so, so good) but I'm not actually sure about this one. The dancing pianos and tremulous vocals are all there, but - perhaps it's because I'm an awful, bitter person, and it's started raining once again here in England - on first listen it seems a bit overly sanguine. I can't quite name what it is, because it's not exactly like I despise happy music, but it's probably the same reason I love 'Nino Rojo' but I abhor and always have to skip 'Be Kind'.
Anyway, the new stuff is probably all gonna be awesome regardless considering the greatness of the group's previous work, so I still reckon it's well worth pre-ordering 'Swanlights' and getting an instant download of the EP, plus lots of other exciting extras HERE. Plus you're probably less of an embittered cynic, and liked the free download.

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