Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Summer Camp

Chances are you've already heard of this group, as a clever viral campaign pretty much made sure they were the talk of the blogging world. Summer Camp make the sort of lovely, dazed lo-fi pop that wouldn't sound out of place in the soundtrack to a Brat Pack movie or something; although perhaps this image was aided somewhat by their penchant for the use of very cool scuzzy old footage in their music videos. With smattered lyrical allusions to other songs ("and we danced all night and we held each other tight") which aid that wonderful nostalgic feel, the duo of Jeremy Warmsley and Platform writer Elizabeth Sankey have made some truly outstanding music. Hazy music, dreamy vocals; incredible songs.
Free download: MP3: 'Jake Ryan' - Summer Camp Jake Ryan of course being the guy that Sam's into in Sixteen Candles; what a film.
You can attempt to buy some of Summer Camp's music here at label, Moshi Moshi, but be warned that this stuff's in heavy demand and may well be out of stock. You can pre-order the single, 'Round the Moon', there too; it's officially out September 13th on Moshi Moshi, but, oddly, it appears to be out of stock too...

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