Tuesday, 26 October 2010

John, I'm Only Dancing

As a mad David Bowie fan I was pretty excited earlier this year when I heard about the War Child charity compilation in-planning - a David Bowie tribute album, which was approved by David Bowie; 'We Were So Turned On'.  And looking at the musicians getting involved, it's easy to see what was so exciting - Chairlift, Carla Bruni, current darlings Warpaint, Megapuss, A Place to Bury Strangers, and even Duran Duran.  I only recently realised that said album had actually come out though, so this is somewhat belated...

As with all cover versions, it's certainly not going to be to everyone's tastes, and there are high-points with the covers (Megapuss, Warpaint, Chairlift) but low-points too (sorry, Carla Bruni and APtBS; I just wasn't feeling it).  The other weird thing is because Bowie's albums were all so diverse, the choices of songs from various albums brought together into one compilation isn't necessarily all that cohesive a listen.

Anyway, one of my favourite Bowie songs to have a dance to is 'John, I'm Only Dancing', and I was apprehensive about Vivian Girls' take on it; I especially love 'Where Do You Run To', and a couple of other tracks, but I suppose I wasn't that enamoured with their album overall.  With that said, many critics have coined them a one-trick pony, but even if you agree you've got to admit that they're very good at the harmonious, drawling lo-fi they're so renowned for.  As such, while not a giant leap from the original, the cover is quite the grower, and the band put their own nonchalant twist on it.  Well worth a listen.

'John, I'm Only Dancing' (David Bowie Cover) - Vivian Girls   

Cheers to Consequence of Sound for the mp3.

Buy a copy of the 2-disc album, 'We Were So Turned On' here.  All profits will go to War Child, a charity which aims to protect children living in war zones.

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