Friday, 1 October 2010

Melodica, Melody and Me

For the past few years, the UK has been subject to something akin to a folk revival , as bands like Mumford and Sons have garnered quite the following, from the critics and the public alike. Indeed, with the surprising popularity of Bombay Bicycle Club's 'Flaws' (number 8 in the UK charts?! Gosh.), which heralded the arrival of lovely singer Lucy Rose, as well as the continuing success of folk-ish acts like Noah and the Whale, Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling, you'd perhaps be forgiven for groaning at the prospect of another folk act.
Not necessarily because you dislike that kind of music, mind you (although if you do, and you're reading this blog I'm fairly surprised as I do tend to be pretty into the folk-ish acts). The problem is that the circumstances of the current music scene might make you very cynical of an acoustic group who play folk-style music, because there's a danger that acts like this are just riding on the wave of success while they can, and in fact lack any actual talent or sincerity.
Melodica, Melody and Me are a folk group. No! No, come back! Save your cynicism for elsewhere because this sextet of Londoners are wonderful at what they do - to be honest there's a good chance you've already heard them as they've been progressing themselves slowly but surely into public awareness of late, and (I only just found out) supported Bombay on their acoustic tour earlier this year. They've been around since 2006, and they make gentle, dazzling music which is impossibly pretty and poignant.
As well as drawing on British folk music they bring in colourful, sun-filled splashes of Gallic, Mediterranean and Latino sounds, and even Reggae, as 'Dub Me Back Together' (B-Side and Dub version of single 'Piece Me Back Together') so wonderfully showcases. The melodies and instrumentation in all their songs are intricate and complex, the harmonies and contrasts between the male and female voices are beautiful, with soulful lyricism about love and loss.
Their single, 'Piece Me Back Together', is available to buy HERE - buy it. And all other future releases. Oh, and catch them touring this December supporting the lovely Johnny Flynn. Highly recommend this group.

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