Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hind Ear

Hind Ear are this amazing, amazing 'technicolour rhythm band' (not 100% sure what this means) who hail from a happy mix of Brighton and London and wish to fuse hearts to feet and headphones to dancefloors - once you've listened to them I'm sure you'll agree that it's a very conceivable aim.

They make brilliant, soulful music which seemingly does pour from their hearts; constantly twisting and turning effortlessly in exciting yet nonchalant ways.  'Rain Man', which is soon to be released as an EP, has this lovely jilting oddness which is reminiscent of Dirty Projectors' 'Cannibal Resource' with guitar twangs and this ongoing jittering twinkle of keyboards which almost harks back to the old Gameboy soundtracks and yet at the same time there's this sexy, slow electronic dance-floor aesthetic.

And if all of this is reading somewhat incoherently, you should bear in mind that I am practically falling asleep as I type - I'm so, so tired (and apparently also an old woman, seeing as it's only 9.40pm as I type).

But the prospect of sleep genuinely has to be held back for a while longer because you really need to listen to this stuff; Hind Ear are too good and deserve listening to for their dreamy mixing of new and old.  Villeneuve has done a darker take on it all with a really seductive, really excellent remix which will leave you all aquiver, so have a listen:

MP3: 'Rain Man' (Villeneuve remix) - Hind Ear

The Hind Ear - Rain Man EP (which will include the Villeneuve mix as well as a squelchy retro wonder of a remix from GoldenBug) is out on December 13th and you should definitely get hold of it - you won't be disappointed.  You can find out more about purchasing it etc through the lovely young Parisian label behind ridiculous amounts of other good stuff (Chad Valley, Kisses): Maman Records.

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