Friday, 26 November 2010

Hot Vamp Club

While not a musical collective of Edward Cullen and co., Hot Vamp Club still manage to dazzle with their shimmering, whimsical take on indie pop (see what I did there - hot vamps, Edward Cullen, shimmering?  Comic stardom here I come).  And I'm not a Twilight fan anyway, so this certainly bodes well for them.

The Bournemouth-based quartet formed back in 2009, yet their music has already been praised by BBC Introducing as 'lovingly crafted, sincere Indie Pop', and thus it seems clear that Hot Vamp Club are a band worth taking seriously.  Indeed, seeing as their song 'Young Hearts, Slow Shoes' is a part of the in-store playlist for all the UK branches of Topman and Topshop, it's fair to say the band are going places.  

But for the more hipster amongst you who dislike anything vaguely populist, please don't let any of the above put you off - it's only happening because they're genuinely very good.

Hot Vamp Club make songs that are reminiscent perhaps of the more sombre, beautiful end of The Maccabees catalogue, with seemingly gentle riffs and melodies trembling forcefully beneath, swimming and rippling through the observant narrative of the smooth, drawling vocals.

They'll be spending this December recording their debut EP, 'I Dream of Fires' (exclusive first-look at the artwork below) which will be released sometime in early 2011 - I highly recommend you go watch/listen to some of the early sketches of the songs 'Myra', 'Lilies' and 'Drappier', here, all of which will feature on the EP alongside a couple of other tracks.  

'Myra' is especially lovely with this twinkling sound going on at the beginning, but seriously - it's all sounding so good.  'Lilies' is surprisingly dark, with Fleet Foxes-esque harmonies, whilst 'Drappier' seems to showcase a more aggressive side to the band.

Hot Vamp Club are making some lovely stuff so do give them a listen.  Also, much respect for the guy in the 'Phrazes' t-shirt; I do love Jules.

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