Thursday, 9 December 2010

Camille Delean

Whether it be Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake, or Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn, one thing that surely hasn't escaped your attention is my love of the folk-ish area of the musical spectrum.  And if so-called 'boyband of folk' Mumford and Sons have proven anything, it's that I'm not the only one digging this sort of sound right now.

So, on paper, Camille Delean seemed like she'd be just my cup of tea - an unsigned folk singer/songwriter based in Ontario with an apparently striking voice.  And on first listen she definitely did have the incredibly striking vocals, pouring out of her pure, smooth and soft like a sunlit caress - a little bit reminiscent of Eva Cassidy, perhaps.

However, for the most-part her tracks had this sort twang, and while many people assume that folk and country go hand in hand, they do not, and I'm really not that keen on the latter.  And so, I resigned myself to the fact that perhaps Camille was not for me, although I left her tracks playing - perhaps more out of laziness than anything else.

And I'm so grateful for my laziness, because a recent demo track, 'Rivers', came on, and it had none of that "Nashville twang".  Instead we're given sincere, wonderful melodies which recall early Joni Mitchell, harmonies which seem to ebb and flow; stripped away of all the country production, Camille Delean demonstrates in 'Rivers' a wonderful tranquil sound, gentle and dazed and really just lovely.

It's a sound she intends to pursue, as is evident in her beautiful cover of Neil Young's 'Homefires', here - plus it's a video of Diwali in Mumbai, which for me at least makes it seem strangely personal and affecting.

MP3: 'Rivers' (Demo) - Camille Delean

If you like country, do try her earlier stuff, and if you're a folk lover, it's very much worth giving Camille Delean's songs a listen and keeping an eye on her future releases.

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