Monday, 24 January 2011

Cat's Eyes

This is really beautiful.  Cat's Eyes are Faris Badwan (of The Horrors), and the classically trained Rachel Zeffira.

There's a really transcendent feeling about this performance, and even though there should be something massively pretentious and over the top about launching your new musical project in the Vatican, somehow it all makes complete sense and the warming song comes off as overwhelmingly sincere.  The power of the church organ is something modern groups like Arcade Fire have tapped into for the purposes of their baroque grandeur, but Cat's Eyes have captured a surprisingly intimate side of the instrument that recalls humble church services and simpler times (I really have no idea what I'm writing).

Their 'Broken Glass' EP will be out on February 28th, and they'll be touring around then too.

Their other released track, the breathy, charming 'Not A Friend' certifies in my mind that this is definitely going to be a project worth paying attention to.  Very exciting indeed.

MP3: 'Not A Friend' - Cat's Eyes  

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