Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Gorgeous Colours

In an age where scuzzy, distorted surf-pop is the sound du jour, it's easy for sincere, slightly eccentric piano alt-pop to get overlooked somewhat.  Dublin's The Gorgeous Colours, however, remind us just how good this kind of music can be; with low, sweet vocals not dissimilar to those of Noah and the Whale's Charlie Fink, their lead single 'The Creatures Down Below' - from their similarly-titled EP -  is full of that loveable, childish quirkiness one might associate with Regina Spektor.

But the EP as a whole (which, as an aside, was completely fan-funded) showcases not only this indie-pop sound, but also beautiful, rural, folkish sounds in 'Animal', while 'Cloakroom' - which starts out seemingly chirpy - turns into something positively dark and melancholy, full of quaking piano and trembling choral vocals that make the song seem wonderfully mediaeval.  'No Man's Land' does less for me, but certainly offers some lovely, delicate instrumental moments.

As a whole, it's a really nice EP, and it's worth getting hold of - you can stream and/or buy 'The Creatures Down Below' EP here.

Their award-winning video:

MP3: 'Cloakroom' (acoustic version) - The Gorgeous Colours 

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Anonymous said...

No mans land is a grower....very Love-esque