Sunday, 30 January 2011


At some point soon, I do plan on watching the film 'Heathers', because not only does it seem like the sort of film I'd love, it's also served as musical inspiration for some pretty sweet music - Summer Camp's amazing track, 'Veronica Sawyer' definitely comes to mind.  Plus it'd be satisfying to understand the meaning of, "what's your damage?" after years of pretence.

Moreover, an exciting Irish two-piece - aptly named Heathers - are making some very good music indeed, and this makes me think that the film must have been something quite special.

With surprisingly sparse instrumentation, twins Ellie and Louise McNamara make simple yet attitude-laced acoustic music, full of sometimes-clashing harmonies between the sugar-sweet vocals, forceful guitars and even the occasional 'cello; all of which makes for some really exciting listening.  It's no wonder that they can list queen of anti-folk Kimya Dawson as a fan; their music evokes the sound of youthful radicalism and nonchalance, all with a pinch of good humour, and all in all definitely merits a listen.

Their new single, 'Slices of Palama' is out now - buy that and their debut album here.  You can also get a free download of 'Margie' here.  Get listening.   

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