Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Hey Sholay

Hey Sholay are a psychedelic band from Sheffield with a quirky penchant for dressing-up (at least, judging by the photo above and the more common shot of them dressed in bear costumes).  "Calculated silliness" is the random 'History Boys' quote that comes to mind because this oddball behaviour might put you off, but it's one of the great things about Hey Sholay - they don't take themselves too seriously, and it's clear they enjoy doing what they do.

Their song 'Dreamboat' sounds exactly like you might imagine it - dreamy, really colourful and vivid like some hazy, happy nostalgia-trip.  They remind me a bit of The Shins; elated and energetic with romantic lyricism and more than a hint of the past about them, but there's definitely something different about them - not least the animated, accented vocals. 

Worth having a listen to for their catchy, swaying, dance-inducing melodies and the decided air of nonchalance and fun about them - judging by 'Dreamboat' at least, Hey Sholay are making some really refreshing music.

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