Monday, 7 March 2011

Stumbling Home

So I'm back home from India, and back to blogging properly (with the exception of that sweet, fangirl-y post about how great it is that The Strokes are back).

Today saw the announcement of the longlist for the 2011 Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition, so do go and check out my choices alongside the choices of 38 amazing bloggers; plus one collective group filling in for someone who dropped-out.

So anyway, over the next few days I'll be writing about the three acts I chose and why, as well as telling you about some other very good acts I discovered in the process.

In a vague attempt to make this relevant, I searched for the word 'home' in my iTunes ('cause I'm home now; see?), and - quite fittingly (ho ho) - stumbled upon a group called Tristram and their song 'Stumbling Home'.  Fully aware I should go into stand-up or something.  Obviously I downloaded this song at some point, for whatever reason, and never got around to listening to it, but I'm very glad I've found it now.

In 'Stumbling Home' we are treated to a soothing, gentle folk number which has this je ne sais quoi about it that makes it seem exceedingly sincere and special.  The group's more recent offerings have seen forays into less conventional areas of the folk spectrum - think breakbeats and looping 'cellos - which are surprisingly just as affecting and romantic.

MP3: 'Stumbling Home' - Tristram

Buy Tristram's latest EP 'Accidents and Artifice' here.

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