Friday, 18 March 2011

Tomorrow We Sail

So, er, when I said I'd be doing some posting in the next few days I actually meant in the next two weeks.  Obvs.

Unfortunately none of my Glastonbury bands of choice made it onto the epic shortlist (although coincidentally Tristram, the band I mentioned last post for want of something topical, have made it through which is pretty cool).

But this seems all the more reason to make you aware of Tomorrow We Sail, the lovely Leeds group on my shortlist who make some really powerful songs.  While their music isn't actually purely instrumental, one of the great things about them is that they give the music time to speak without the aid of lyrics; they're not afraid to let the instruments - violins, 'cellos, guitars and drums - explore the space for a bit; not urged into conventionality and hurriedly getting to a familiar part we can all singalong to, which is a brave move for such a green band.

Their songs are slow-burning and ambient, and while at points it might feel like they're getting overly indulgent, for the most-part those moments are balanced-out with moments where you just think "wow" and so overall it's definitely worth listening to them and seeing where their future releases take them.

Their debut EP, 'The Common Fire' is an incredibly peaceful listen with undertones of darkness and fragility, and stand-out track 'Threads' is just unbelievably pretty and affecting, making atmospheric use of the instrumentation as well as showcasing some beautiful interplay between the calming yet often chilling vocals.

Stream and buy 'The Common Fire' EP here.

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