Thursday, 31 March 2011

YBP Wilderness Sessions

I'm renowned amongst my friends for having pretty weird taste in music, a perception that perhaps came about when one of my friends put my music on shuffle at a party and Devendra Banhart's track 'Sister' came on - the intro to that song is wonderfully odd, but unfortunately none of my friends quite, er, got it (for those of you who haven't heard it, it starts with him coughing and mumbling incoherently).

So I'm always very excited when someone else is actually into the same sort of artists as I am, and the bright and quirky Yellow Bird Project are - judging by the acts they've worked with - very much into the strange, hazy, pretty sort of music that I like.

Basically they're a non-profit organisation who raise money for various charities by working with with all sorts of brilliant indie artists.  Previous collaborators include Beach House, of Montreal, Broken Social Scene, Grizzly Bear and - of course - Devendra Banhart himself.  Suffice to say they got me very intrigued; if somewhat disbelieving that I'd never heard of them before.

In the past the artists have designed beautiful t-shirts, which the Yellow Bird Project then print and sell to raise money for the charity of the artist's choice which is obviously all very cool.  This month, however, they decided to add a little bit extra to the package and so the acts involved from now on will perform a live session, of which the resultant videos will be posted on the YBP website.

Much buzzed-about young London group, Dry the River, makers of forceful yet fragile folk (points for alliteration) were the first to get involved, and you can see their sublime 'Wilderness Sessions' here in which they perform before a colourful life-sized paper-cut art installation which resembles the outdoor wilderness.  Plus you can buy their awesome t-shirt from the same link.

Part 1, their song 'History Book', is below:

I can appreciate that I have essentially just written an advert for the project and you might not be interested (you heartless monster), but the Yellow Bird Project is raising money for worthy causes by allowing you to purchase the visual creations of some amazing musicians, and now there are even some live sessions in the mix which are wonderful both musically and aesthetically; as far as I'm concerned it's a pretty great initiative.

Get involved.

Also, go listen to/buy some of Dry the River's music here.

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