Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hymns from Nineveh

Chances are you've already listened to Hymns from Nineveh because you're far more down with new-ish music than I am (really not that hard), but I wanted to write about him anyway because I'm reading 'Moby Dick' right now and so the ancient city of Nineveh to which Jonah was sent seemed vaguely relevant.

Hymns from Nineveh, otherwise known as Jonas Petersen, is from Copenhagen, and he makes gentle, sweet and comforting folky-pop songs which are the aural equivalent of a warm embrace from a good friend.  The instrumentation is really nicely put together, and while at times it feels the songs might be lulling into an all-too-conventional easy listening territory, there are some pretty little twists and turns to keep you interested.

You can buy the self-titled debut album here.  And I'd recommend getting hold of 'Moby Dick' too actually - I bought it for £2 the other day with no high hopes - I mean, I appreciate it's a classic but I really didn't think a book about whaling would be of interest - but I was wrong, and it's actually really good.

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