Saturday, 16 April 2011

Is Is

I feel like the general perception of Yeah Yeah Yeahs is that they did that lovely song 'Maps' and oh man, 'It's Blitz!' was a pretty fun album; all well and good, but I've been rediscovering their 2007 'Is Is EP' over the past few days and I just don't understand why people never talk about it when referring to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's oeuvre.  With all due respect to the aforementioned works of the band, 'Is Is' is a far-cry from the glitzy pop of 'It's Blitz' and doesn't exactly recall 'Maps', the song that so many readers picked for the song they'd like played for their first dance at a wedding.

This five-track EP is raw, frantic and dirty and sees the band channelling that underground New York cool with a seductive shrugging indifference; Karen O could easily be the female incarnate of Lou Reed, while Zinner and Chase play with an incredible intensity.  It serves as a reminder that while they're perfectly awesome at the catchy synth-laced tunes they've more recently become known for, at their heart they are undeniably one hell of a rock band.

MP3: '10 X 10' - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Buy the 'Is Is' EP here.

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