Saturday, 16 April 2011


Two posts in one day seems massively keen from me as there's normally a solid three weeks or so between posts, but I had to breakthrough my poor blogging tendencies in order to acknowledge the amazingness of Finland's finest, Rubik.

Their single 'Laws of Gravity' is full of pounding drums and light, airy melodies, catchy vocals and essentially makes me want to dance around ridiculously and pretend my life is a John Hughes movie.  Play it loud while the sun is still shining, and revel in the strange yet dazzling monkey noises.

You need to listen to these guys if you have any interest whatsoever in beautiful, twinkling dream-pop which has a hint of the odd and the experimental about it; this band is incredible.

Their fantastic album, 'Solar' is out in the UK on May 2nd, and you should be able to buy it from here.

MP3: 'Wasteland' (RAC Remix) - Rubik

P.S. There are no record stores where I live, so unhappy Record Store Day to me.  Well, unless you count HMV, but I'm somehow doubtful they're doing much celebrating.  Hope you've all been enjoying the rarities being released etc at any rate.

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