Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I don't know anything about Carnivores except that they're from Atlanta, they're about to start touring the UK with Black Lips, and that their 'Chandelier EP' - along with the rest of their music - makes for some pretty great listening.  They make woozy yet forceful psychedelic songs that swirl dazedly yet consumingly around in your head. 
Possibly because the whole "touring with them" thing makes the connection obvious in my mind, but some of their scuzzier offerings recall early Black Lips (circa their incredible cover of 'Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah').  At slightly cleaner (yet no less psychedelic) moments you might be reminded of a less poppy MGMT; or, less contemporarily, there are obviously comparisons to be made with the original tripped-out '60s psychedelia, notably on their aforementioned EP. You imagine the sultry summer sounds on display in opening track, 'I Like to Be Confused (I Love You)' and 'Second Impulse' wouldn't have been out of place at Woodstock (unoriginal first '60s hippie reference I could think of?  ...Yeah, pretty much). It also reminds me a bit of Cat's Eyes and the lighter moments on 'Primary Colours' with the entrancing laced-in sound of the organ.

All the comparisons might be viewed as detracting from their originality, but that is not what I meant at all (yes; I'm channelling Prufrock) - it's just that there's a certain warmth and familiarity in these hazy songs which makes for instant lovely listening, yet they also hold the promise of longevity and interest for future listens.

Carnivores' 'Chandelier EP' was released in March, and is now available for a highly recommended free download (thanks to Double Phantom Digital) from here.   Also check out (and download if you like) their session with the ever awesome Daytrotter here.  They're starting their tour from tomorrow, and I suggest you go and see them.