Saturday, 14 May 2011

Idiot Glee

When I write that a song gives out a sense of nostalgia, this generally implies a sense of warmth and comfort; when Idiot Glee came onto the scene last year though, this idea was turned on its head.  There is something a little bit creepy and discomforting about the old-fashioned pop style of these songs, as though they're being played in the dead of night in an empty diner on a haunted jukebox.  And yet, as fans of Kentucky's James Friley, aka. Idiot Glee will tell you, this is exactly what makes for some really fantastic and fascinating listening.

The songs (some of which you can check out on his Bandcamp) are weirdly slow and lingering, with deep, smooth vocals floating on top of it all; dreamlike, odd, and yet strangely fun.  I'm reminded of The Beatles' 'I'm Only Sleeping' in how distorted and dazed it all is, and yet his stuff doesn't really sound like that song at all.

I don't know how to put it better, I just know this is music worth listening to.

Idiot Glee's debut album, 'Paddywhack' is released this coming Monday on Moshi Moshi, and you can pre-order it from here.  He's touring in Europe at the moment, and will be playing London tonight, so if you can I would recommend going to see him.


hapi said...

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Kels said...

It sounds like classic Morrisey at an Indian Pow Wow...different and interesting - thanks

Tara said...

No worries, glad you like him! I was struggling to think who his voice reminded me of, and you're so right: there's certainly something of a youthful Morrissey in there! Thanks.