Wednesday, 1 June 2011

An Education

I do actually have so much great new music I'm planning on posting about over the next few days, but I needed an outlet to express my love for this Mel Tormé masterpiece.  I watched 'An Education' for the second time last night - bearing in mind that it's actually only been a few weeks since I first saw it, it is definitely a film I would very much recommend.  Uniformly superb acting, brilliant script, visually nice, and...ah, let's face it; there's a reason I'm not a film blogger.

So to head back to my somewhat tenuous area of expertise, the soundtrack in general is really fun, evoking the anticipation of the swinging sixties, but it was particularly the scene with this song that really stuck in my mind (to the point I found that I was anticipating it before it actually happened when I watched it for a second time).

I don't know why, but I genuinely can't stop listening to this, with its swaggering lead vocals and the cool backing singers.  Instrumentally there's this easy but invigorating undercurrent swinging through, and there is some wonderful organ-playing going on.  I feel a real need for someone to play this at a party so I can dance to it like they do in the film; the song just has such a great, feel-good vibe.

I'll finish with the discussion from the scene in question which sticks with me for reasons unknown:

"I'm still trying to work out what makes good things good. It's hard, isn't it?"
"The thing is, Jenny, you know, without necessarily being able to explain why. See, you have taste.  That's not half the battle. That's the whole war."

Go and watch this film. You can buy the brilliant soundtrack here.

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