Wednesday, 8 June 2011


One thing I've recently realised I'm particularly guilty of doing on this blog is saying that songs evoke a "sense of nostalgia" for me, and yet the songs in question tend to be reminiscent of eras I wasn't actually alive in.  Modern music often conveys the sense of another time, certainly, but is it nostalgic if it's not actually a time you witnessed?  I'm not so sure.

So, the point of the above is that it makes me quite happy to genuinely be able to say that brilliant Bristolian band Towns do, in fact, make me feel nostalgic - listening to them gives me that warm, fuzzy sense of reminiscence and fondness for the decade in which I was born and spent my early days in: the '90s.  Admittedly during these formative years I wasn't actively consuming music beyond the Spice Girls, but you do subconsciously absorb the music you hear on the radio and the TV, and so when singer James McLucas sings, in that wispy voice brimming with whimsy, "can't we just be kids again?" in their song 'Fields', for me it really doubly strikes a chord.  And, I'll admit, it helps that since then I've discovered a real penchant for some of the alternative music that was happening in the early '90s.  It'd be doing Towns a massive injustice to just make them out as some Britpop tribute act, though; they make floaty, dazed songs with breezy backing vocals and euphoric yet poignant choruses that beg to be sung along with.  Essentially, this young four-piece of childhood friends and siblings (who bizarrely only started making music together in February!) make me very eager to hear more from them soon.

MP3: 'Heads Off' - Towns

You can and should buy 'Fields' and 'Heads Off' from here on iTunes.

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