Monday, 4 July 2011

No Happier

I'm not actually home at the moment hence the recent lack of posting, but I keep meaning to write about Low Duo, a band made-up of two brothers: Adam and Leigh Greenwood.

They make a sort of melancholic music vaguely reminiscent of The xx and Radiohead.  The instrumentation is fairly sparse and simplistic, and yet it's precisely this which gives the music a sort of primal, vital feel, with urgent rhythms like heartbeats, as well as the falsetto vocals intoning the desolate lyrics (like the should-be-cringey-but-just-about-works, "let me drown in the rain").  There are sudden crescendoes and diminuendos, both of which add to the intense dramatic feel of the otherwise nicely minimalist music.

Definitely worth listening to if you haven't already.

MP3: 'No Happier' - Low Duo

You can go and listen to/buy Low Duo's music here.  They're doing some touring this summer, so might be a good idea to go and watch them too.

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