Saturday, 23 July 2011


I've been away, yes, but even then my neglect of late has been kind of ridiculous, but rest assured I am back and about to delve into my inbox and generally catch-up on what's going on in the world of music!  Sorry about that...

I realise that this isn't really concerned with music at all, but if we're going to take this blog's title literally, then technically I use music as a way to journal what's happening if that makes sense (a very tenuous link, I know).  It's just that it sometimes seems like the bad stuff that happens in the world gets worse and worse each year - or, I suppose, as you get older, you pay more attention to what's happening.  Whichever it is, this whole Norway thing is really horrible.

And yeah, I don't really know what else to say about that because I would never pretend to be particularly knowledgeable about current affairs, but it just made me feel inclined to post up this really beautiful, pretty, haunting song called 'Norway' by Beach House (who I have to say have become one of my favourite bands of the past few years).  You've probably heard it already, but here it is anyway:

MP3: 'Norway' - Beach House

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Lucy said...

I think that picture is absolutely stunning! About what happened in Norway was horrible as well! I have a more detailed description of what happened on my blog, if you're interested check it out! (: