Thursday, 28 July 2011

People, they don't understand

It's coming up to the tenth anniversary of The Strokes' 'Is This It' which seems pretty crazy, and you've quite possibly already heard that Stereogum released 'Stroked', a covers album in tribute to the band.  The reception amongst Strokes fans hasn't exactly been positive, but I actually found it an interesting experience - it's fun and kind of refreshing to listen to the breezy (mostly chillwave - yes, I'm smirking a little bit) re-imaginings of the songs even if the uptight fangirl in me is occasionally like "no, this is not what this song is like.  NO."  And as for Heems (of Das Racist) and his take on 'New York City Cops' - probably the most controversial track on 'Stroked' - I get what he's trying to do, and I like the allusions to '99 Problems', so as a rap song in itself it's pretty decent, but really I would've quite liked to hear an actual cover of 'NYCC'.  But overall it's a good album to make you remember just how brilliant The Strokes' debut album really is.

'Alone, Together' is one of my favourite songs on 'Is This It', and I thought Austra made a pretty nice cover, with the floaty ethereal sounds, although it loses that gritty, seductive quality that it's got in buckets in the original.  A really great cover comes from the morning benders (who I think have a tendency to be quite wonderful) with their version of 'Last Nite', which turns the somewhat legendary song into sugary, tropical pop with sweet, swooning vocals.

MP3: 'Last Nite' (The Strokes cover) - the morning benders  

Go and check out 'Stroked' here, and obviously get out your copy of 'Is This It' too so you can rejoice at ten years of a beautiful album.    

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